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Johny Saade has been perfecting the beauty of top actresses for over 14 years. His ability to create fresh, luminous complexions has made him one of the top makeup artists working in the entertainment industry today. 


Johny was born in Lebanon, and was raised between Lebanon and the United states. To pursue his passion for art and beauty, Johny obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation and Multimedia. Despite excelling in this field, His true calling was in utilizing people faces as canvas for his art. Throughout his life he had daily lessons about fashion, art, makeup, and skin care from his mother who works in these fields.


His creativity has led him to a wide-variety of assignments allowing for his talent to shine on the pages of magazines, commercials and on Celebrities at red carpet events. His work has been published internationally in high-Profile magazines like Vogue and Prestige as well as popular domestic magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Instyle and Marie Claire. As an A-List trend setter on red carpet events from Hollywood to NYC & Cannes France, Johny has worked on some of the most celebrated people in the entertainment and music industry such as Emily Blunt, Mick Jagger, Christina Hendricks, Brook Shields, Rob Lowe, Kate Walsh, Connie Britton, Jane lynch & LeAnn Rimes to name a few. 


Johny also has an esthetician’s license and has been working in the skin care field since 2006. Keep an eye out for all that is to come of Johny Saade.

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